Olga Kay (Birth name: Olga Sergeevna Karavaeva) is an Actress, Entertainer and popular "YouTuber" who has almost
690,000 Subscribers and currently #219 on Youtube's most subscribed channels. She has four channels which are aimed at different genres of videos.

Personal LifeEdit

Olga was born November of 1982, in Siberia Russia. She moved to America at the age of 16.


Olga started out as circus preformer in Russia, and later after moving to America she performed live comedy shows that would feature her juggling and life stories in the act.

Kay started making videos in 2006, on her main channel Olga Kay ,featuring mostly comedy sketches. Since then she has made three more channels; Olga Kay 2 featuring daily vlogs. Olga Kay Games featuring her playing various video games with entertaining commentary such as minecraft and slender, and Olga Kays iPhone. Her main channel has featured many collaberations with Youtubers such as ExoticJess, and Toby Turner. She writes, edits, and stars in all of her videos.

Olga Kay has a close following with fans and refers to them as "Mooshers" or "Moosh Army" from her popular phrase "moosh". Her word moosh stems from her cat Mushka, and is used in her career as a term of endearment and various other ways.

Olga has done small parts on television including MADtv and Victorious, where she was a stand in for the character Cat to juggle; as Ariana Grande cannot juggle. She has been cast in many commercials; all of which show her juggling. Her commercials for such include; Burger King, Mircosoft Office, Smirnoff, and Dirt Devil. She sells merchandise featuring characters from her channel, her known catch phrases and worked with Tweakfootwear to produce her own shoes called MOOSHooS.



"I moosh you!"

"I have life/Internet by the balls"

"Moosh Army will dominate!"

"Phuck is a bad word!"